Monthly Archives: January 2012

The traffic rule I derived from years of study of Moscow traffic, namely “nothing exists behind you” was also applicable to the traffic patterns I found in India.  I visited India after already having spent several years adjusting to Moscow but the sheer diversity and number of people on the roads in India took me aback.  As in Moscow, studying the traffic was highly entertaining and great for people watching, which luckily… Read More

Fundamentally we in the US are rule followers.  We form lines and expect others to do the same.  Nowhere is this more evident than on our roads and highways. Traffic rules, signage, and markings on the road all mean something and we pay attention and obey these meanings.  Sure New York city is a bit crazy, Los Angeles can be a parking lot, and Houston a speedway but in general wherever you… Read More

My work has taken me to Japan, specifically the Tokyo area, several times.  Occasionally I have had to stay over the weekend and that has given me the chance to explore Tokyo a bit.  One of the things I have always wanted to see, ever since reading about it in a National Geographic article, is the Tsukiji fish market.  According to the Geographic it is the largest fish market in the world… Read More

The first time I went to Russia was in the summer of 1998.  The transition from communism to capitalism was in full swing and the country was in a turmoil.  They even had two monetary systems, the “old” ruble and the “new” ruble, whose value differed by three zeros on the end of the bills.  (They were in the process of transitioning from the old to the new but it was all… Read More

Early in December I took a trip to London.  London was actually the first place I ever visited outside of the United States- about 20 years ago. (The subject of which will be a  future blog.)  I have been through twice since then but since those were business trips there had not been enough time to simply walk around and explore the city.  Consequently getting back to London on my own, with… Read More