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We got up Saturday morning filled with anticipation.  Today we were going to be horseback riding for the day in the mountains around Urubamba.  After a wonderfully fresh breakfast with jam, eggs, and produce directly from the grounds of the hotel, we were picked up at 8am by our guide.  The drive to the ranch was about an hour and mostly consisted of following the river along the valley floor passing small… Read More

Friday after finishing up at our project Carrie and I headed to Urubamba.  Because she had asked earlier at the Maximo office where we to find the buses that we needed we headed straight for the bus terminal.  When we got there, It turned out it was not actually a terminal, but rather a kind of courtyard with an assortment of vehicles stacked up waiting for passengers.  Traditional busses, mini-vans of various… Read More

Thursday was Julie’s last night in the house and as is the custom she picked out a place for us to go have dinner.  I had lent her my travel book earlier in the week when we were discussing possible places.  There were several interesting restaurants mentioned in the book that featured Peruvian food and also that had a floor show with local music and folk dancing.  She ended up picking one… Read More

My explorations have been curtailed a bit as I am nursing my foot-it has to be better in time to do the Inca trail in three weeks.  Consequently I am not roaming around the city as much as I have the past two weeks.  A taxi now gets me to and from the project minimizing the time on my foot and simultaneously removing any possibility for new discoveries. I hope to be… Read More

Today was Carnival and when I woke up around 6:30am and peeked out the window in my room near my bed I saw blue sky which, perhaps, was a good omen for the big festival on the plaza later in the day.  As usual the room had warmed up overnight so it was not a big problem to get out of bed.  I slowly put some pressure on my injured foot and… Read More

I had big plans when I left the house Thursday morning.  My Spanish class had been moved to 11:30 thus I had an extra hour and a half in the morning to do some touring or just wander around a bit.  I decided to use that time to visit the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.  My travel book highly recommended it and I had also heard good things from others.  The advice I… Read More

Now that I have settled into a routine I thought I would share a typical day.  I get up somewhere between 7-8am, depending on what time I went to bed the night before and how much Spanish homework I have left to do.  My room is very comfortable, if somewhat chilly- I have three heavy alpaca blankets on my bed and I usually sleep in a fleece as well.  The temperature in… Read More

It has been a lot of fun trying different foods and I am only getting started.  After looking around and learning more about the cuisine I realized I will need to write several entries about the food here.  First and foremost the “pastry of the day” program is alive and well and has been expanded to include cakes and any other baked good that catch my eye.  There is no shortage of… Read More

Sunday was rather relaxed compared to Saturday when I was running around the city all day.  Carrie, who I have mentioned before, a new friend from Colorado who is also down here volunteering (and we are working together at the same project), also likes to do yoga and found a yoga studio.  So she and I and another volunteer, Genevieve, from Australia, went to yoga class.  The instructor is actually from England… Read More

If you ever come to Cusco (and I recommend it) you absolutely, positively, without a doubt must tour the main Cathedral located on the Plaza des Armes.  It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals that I have ever seen.  It is actually three churches built together under one roof with the main Cathedral in the center, flanked by two smaller churches that were added later.  In the time of the Spanish… Read More