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Well the big question for the day was not whether or not I was going to get wet but rather how wet was I going to get. The forecast indicated “light rain” starting in Reeth around 11am with “heavy rain” an hour later and almost the same was forecast for Richmond, the day’s destination. The walk was approximately 11 miles so there was no doubt that “rain” was going to feature in… Read More

The Keld Lodge was completely full last night and I found that when I came down for breakfast this morning at 8:00am I was the last one down. The breakfast room was full to overcrowding. It seemed everyone was eager to get started early in order to avoid the late afternoon rain that the forecast promised. The walk today was a short one, only eleven or so miles on to Reeth the… Read More

It was cloudy and overcast when I woke up but I was prepared as the forecast had predicted “cloudy with occasional sun” but no rain. Katie, my hostess at the Castle View B&B in Kirkby Stephens, provided a great breakfast and some good advice on navigating bogs which started my day off well. Her advice was simple- go around them no matter how far out of the way you need to go!… Read More

To describe day eight I have to finish the story of day seven because as it turns out they became connected. As I was sitting in the pub at the George Hotel in Orton watching Wales and Ireland play their soccer match, my main occupation after posting yesterday’s blog, a huge crowd of eight people loudly entered the bar. They took the table next to mine and asked to borrow some of… Read More

I had an early night last night and so when I went down to breakfast this morning I finally had a chance to meet the six other people who had spent the night at the Hermitage Bed and Breakfast with me. The building was a large 300 year old farmhouse and our hostess has lived in it for fifty years. All six other guests, two couples and a pair of young women… Read More

I don’t know where to start to describe Day 6. The stage today was a long one, 16 miles from Patterdale to Shap, and as I overnighted in Glen Ridding about a mile north of Patterdale, I got a bonus mile. Yay, me! In addition, this day was the last bit of walking in the Lake District National Park and it certainly did not go gently into that good night. Reviewing the… Read More

Another beautiful day dawned in the Lake District I discovered as I peeked out my curtains this morning. It looked as promising as yesterday was, a sunny sky with some clouds and a great temperature for walking. My task for the day was to get from Grasmere to Patterdale. The route consisted of only 8-ish miles up and over one hill into the next valley so I was planning on taking the… Read More

When researching about the England Coast to Coast trip several references I ran across suggested that rest days be planned along the route in order to fully enjoy the experience. Various villages and towns were mentioned as nice places to stay over to explore and out of the many tempting stops I chose two, mainly driven by the amount of time I had available. My first rest stop in Grasmere on day… Read More

As I opened the curtain to glance out the window in my small but cozy guest room upon waking in order to find out how the day was going to begin I was excited to see a mostly sunny sky. Rumor had it, via the consensus of weather reports the night before, that the day was going to be clear and pleasant and I hoped that the blue sky I saw meant… Read More

England Coast to Coast: Day 2 And the word of the day is: Ouch! And the theme of the day is: Rocks! And finally the lesson of the day is: The world is incredibly small! Let me elaborate…. I woke up this morning to a cloudy day and the six of us who stayed overnight at the Stork were mainly fixated on the weather forecast as we ate breakfast. One report indicated… Read More