England Coast to Coast: Day 18 – The Final Day!

Yay! Hooray! Whoopee! This is me laughing and being giddy which is exactly what happened when I stepped on the beach of the North Sea at Robin Hood’s Bay today. I did it—walked across the whole of northern England- 192 miles. What a great feeling of accomplishment! But it was a long day and quite … Continue reading

England Coast to Coast: Day 17

Be careful what you ask for! I have mentioned several times how much I enjoyed the isolated freedom of being alone on the moors. Well nature arranged that for me today in a not so pleasant way, at least at first. First I have to start with the weather, because, well, this is England, and … Continue reading

England Coast to Coast: Day 16

My goal for today was to walk slow- no more than two miles per hour. My next stop was only 8.5 miles away and so there was plenty of time to make my way there. In addition, of all the various landscapes I have walked through on this trip, I like the moors the best … Continue reading

England Coast to Coast: Day 15

Well I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I did not have to trek 20 miles today as I originally thought. Taking a look a bit closer at my itinerary I realized that the plan splits the long trek into two smaller segments. Brilliant! That meant that I … Continue reading

England Coast to Coast: Day 14

Breakfast was served at 8am sharp for all the guests so even though I was ready earlier I loitered in the common room waiting for our hosts to invite us to sit. Heather was gone, having left at 7:30. I am not sure either the Australians or I would catch up to her again. Because … Continue reading

England Coast to Coast: Day 13

Well I must have set a new land speed record today, although not intentionally (and that does not count the 45 minutes or so I could not find the path- but more on that later).  Today I managed to accomplish 13 miles in a little over five hours. But first, the weather report! Before beginning … Continue reading

England Coast to Coast: Day 12- Rest Day in Richmond

Today was the second of my two planned rest days. After slogging through the rain yesterday I was ready for a bit of rest! Richmond is a popular stop as it is a town full of history, lots of hotels and B&Bs, and restaurants. For the first time since Grasmere I did not set an … Continue reading

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