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At the conclusion of the epic bus journey I arrived safely and intact at the home of Shamser, the volunteer host. When I arrived, around 5 pm I found 11 other people already present and a pizza party in full swing. Shamser, however, was not home, being down in Kathmandu for a few days. His wife welcomed me warmly and showed me the room I would be staying in. I got settled,… Read More

Today I benefited from decades of yoga, stretching and strength training. On a bus. With 50 or so of my now closest friends. And I mean “closest” from the viewpoint of we were stacked on top of each other as opposed to “closest” from actually sitting down and have a conversation to become acquainted. Conversation was out of the question as I was the only person on the bus who did not… Read More

First and most importantly I am happy to report that all of my clothes found their way back to me and very clean too! It’s the little things that are important…. I am hanging out in Pokhara for the rest of the week, relaxing; an interlude between my trekking adventure and my volunteer work. Since I am not being too ambitious, mainly wandering around and poking my nose in here and there,… Read More

You know you are back in civilization again when you have had two (hot) showers in three days. This morning, Day 10, the end of my trekking adventures, we arrived back in Pokhara after another entertaining automobile ride. Day 9 was as leisurely as Day 8 and I decided to take the day off from writing, and well, doing just about anything, so I am combining Day 9 and Day 10 in… Read More

Note: I am combining day 7 and 8, explanation follows….. I am in heaven. It is day 8, it is gorgeous outside, we are mainly resting today and I am checked into the equivalent of a five star tea house. What this means is that there is an attached bathroom, with western toilet and a HOT shower. I am happy to exist in “grunge mode”, but when the opportunity presents itself to… Read More

The rain lasted most of the rest of the day and into the evening last night. There was a great group staying at the tea house though so the confinement was pleasant. I chatted with some ladies from Australia, a couple from England and another couple from Spain. We ended up playing Uno for a while but everyone went to bed by 8pm (me included). We got started hiking around 7:00am and… Read More

When I reached the sign that said “Welcome to Annapurna Base Camp”, I stopped and took a 360 degree set of photos, in 15 shots. Here they are, in an attempt to convey the experience. Again, it is not like being here- at all.

We made it to Annapurna Base Camp today and I have no words. Seriously, I really have no idea how I am going to convey the experience. But I will try. Just realize, that no matter what I am writing it cannot, by any measure, come close to describing actually being there. We started out early from Durali because it was a two hour walk to Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC) where we… Read More

The weather Gods have been kind to me so far. Within ten minutes of getting to Sinuwa, our evening stop, the sky literally opened up and it started pouring. But neither Prem, Bulram, nor I got wet. Sooner or later my luck will run out and I will have to deal with wet and miserable but it has not happened yet. The storm that hit is a true mountain storm, complete with… Read More

And I thought that Langtang Valley had a highway! I shared this morning’s sunrise with about 200 of my newest, closest friends on top of Poon Hill. Poon Hill is a well known stop on the Annapurna circuit as a place to watch the sunrise. Gathered at the stop in the pre-dawn haze was the largest crowd I had seen since starting my trekking adventures 11 days ago. The day started pretty… Read More