Monthly Archives: May 2018

Visiting Bhaktapur was really a treat. It is an extremely old city, dating back centuries, an ancient capital of Nepal and has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition the old part of city is not only still intact but also still functioning as a residential area for lots of people. While the main palace has been turned into an art museum, the city’s numerous temples and other… Read More

The past three days I have spent in Sauraha, Chitwan, a place totally opposite of the cool, mountainous area of Nepal I left. It is flat, super hot and extremely humid. I felt like I was back in Houston. The town is the main entry point to Chitwan National Park, an approximately 1000 square meter area of protected preserve in the south of Nepal. The town is a popular place for Nepali… Read More

Today was time to say good-bye to all of my new friends at the school project and move on. I had originally intended to leave tomorrow, on the 20th, but had to depart a day early due to bus schedules and logistics. The bus to Chitiwan, my next stop in Nepal, leaves at 6:30 am from Besisahar and it was necessary for me to spend the night in town in order to… Read More

The power situation has been especially challenging this week as two days in a row we experienced intense storms. They reminded me of some of the worse tropical storms I have seen- incredibly strong wind, constant thunder and lightning, driving rain and hail. Shamser commented that it is some of the worse weather they have had in years. The first storm developed fast and took us by surprise. The people walking the… Read More

It’s amazing how adaptable we are as humans. I’ve been here in Gaunshahar for two weeks and have completely settled into the routine of daily life. So much so that taking another cold shower, complete with washing my hair, seemed normal to me. The day starts around sunrise, usually sometime after 5:00 am. The house comes awake as people slowly get up; some are early risers, others sleep almost until breakfast time…. Read More

If you read books on trekking in Nepal they will state that June and July is monsoon season and recommend not visiting during these months. During monsoon it rains every day, some days quite strongly, and worse, leeches are a big problem. After the rains, the leeches erupt out of the ground and are everywhere. Like everywhere else on the planet, the climate here appears to be shifting because even though it… Read More

I am happy to report that lizard women successfully survived washing her hair in a cold shower. The trick is to wash your hair first under the lower faucet then wring your hair out well so that cold water does not drip on your back while also staying out from under the shower as much as possible! It’s the small victories that are the satisfying ones- and yes I am quite proud… Read More