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What is Adventure?

Human beings are explorers by nature; we cannot help it. When you try a new book, taste a new food, take a new route to work one day you are expressing your curiosity about the world. This constant drive to learn more about the world around us brings adventures, great and small, across our paths every day. Adventures don’t have to be exotic, they can be right under our nose. Recognizing the new and unusual as part of our daily lives requires simply a sense of humor, an appreciation of our species, and an observing eye.

Travel brings a new appreciation of our planet and the fact that people everywhere are basically the same. Part of the adventure involved with travel is not only to broaden our understanding of the world around us but also to gain deeper insights to ourselves.

This blog is an attempt to share stories about my travels, both near and far, and adventures, both large and small. It truly is an amazing planet that we live on!